2018 CSIM Membership Agreement        


This Membership Agreement ("Agreement") is made between:



CSIM is under the direction of Professor Gerard T. Schuster and Professor Shuyu Sun. CSIM is a research and educational program based in the University's Division of Physical Science and Engineering. Company receives no "deliverable research" for its sponsorship, nor does it direct the activities of CSIM.


Company agrees to become a member of the CSIM. The annual contribution for a one-year membership is US $10,000, plus (5% VAT) payable in advance. The membership year begins on Jan 1 and ends on Dec 31, 2018. The starting date of Company's membership shall be the date of first payment, and Company can join anytime during the membership year.

Benefits of Membership

The purpose of the CSIM is to give selected companies unique access to the faculty and research programs of the Center. A more detailed description of benefits is contained in the CSIM program description, which is attached (as attachment A) to this Agreement. KAUST may in its sole discretion, and following consultation with the CSIM membership, change the CSIM program from year to year, with reasonable prior notice to members.



University Policy

Company acknowledges and agrees that all activities and programs conducted for the CSIM shall comply with KAUST policies including w/o limitation KAUST policies governing research. Company further acknowledges that KAUST's commitment to openness in research typically requires that results of University research will be disseminated to the public in a timely manner. While CSIM members may suggest areas for CSIM research, CSIM faculty must select and manage all research projects. Membership grants no preferred access to the KAUST campus or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Company representatives visiting KAUST must follow established procedures applicable to visiting scientists at KAUST. No license or other right to intellectual property, express or implied, is granted by membership or this Agreement, other than the right to use the materials as described below under Annual Meeting.

 Renewal and Termination

Company's membership shall automatically renew for a succeeding one-year term at the corresponding annual contribution rate then in effect. However, Company may terminate its membership at the end of any membership year upon 90 days prior written notice. Paid subscription fees shall not be refundable.

 Annual Meeting

Sponsors shall be invited to CSIM's annual meeting to be held in December, 2018 at which reports will be shared with sponsors by faculty and students. These reports may include theses, research reports and papers, computer source code, and other publications of current or past years. Materials presented at the annual meeting, or otherwise published or provided to sponsors, may be copied and used by sponsors without restrictions unless otherwise noted at the time of dissemination. Such materials will be made available to members to support their own research and development activities. Members join on their own behalf and do not represent the interests of groups who are non-members.

  Company agrees to sponsor CSIM, under the direction of Professor Schuster and Professor Sun at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, pursuant to the terms of this Membership Agreement.


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By: ______Yves Gnanou_____________

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Please send the signed Membership Agreement and contributions to

Veronika Pelletier (Veronika.Pelletier@kaust.edu.sa)
Building #1, 3rd Floor, Office # 3128
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, PO Box 55455
Jeddah 21534, Saudi Arabia.

Mobile: 0545489962




Attachment A

List of the membership benefits:

         Yearly February Houston meeting and annual report.

         CSIM group students available for an internship, experts in fluid flow modeling, seismic imaging and EM imaging.

         Software development in membership year to be distributed to sponsors by summer of the year following membership.