Qademah Fault

3D Survey



Collect 3D seismic data at Qademah Fault location (Figure 1) to

1.   3D traveltime tomography

2.   3D surface wave migration

3.   3D phase velocity

4.   Possible reflection processing


Figure 1: Study Area


Acquisition Date

26 28 September 2014


Acquisition Team

Sherif, Kai, Mrinal, Bowen, Ahmed

Acquisition Layout

We used 288 receiver arranged in 12 parallel lines, each line has 24 receiver. Inline offset is 5 m and crossline offset is 10 m (see Figure 2).

One shot is fired at each receiver location (see Figure 3).

We use the 40 kgm weight drop as seismic source (Figure 4), with 8 to 15 stacks at each shot location.

Figure 2: Shot/Receiver layout. Small black dots are the receiver/source location.


Figure 3: Shooting at each receiver location


Figure 4: The 40 kgm weight drop used as seismic source


Samples of the Collected Common Shot Gather

CSG # 25, only 24 receivers (rec. # 25 to 48) are displayed here.

Recorded total time is 0.7 s, displayed time is 0.3 s


CSG # 1, 288 receivers are displayed here.

Crossline interval = 10 m, inline interval = 5 m



Data Download

2D Data Set

A 2D data set is extracted from the full 3D data set, where each of the 12 lines is saved in a separate file. Each file contains 24 shot gathers with 24 receiver/shot gather. Shot interval = receiver interval = 5m.

Download CSGs 1 to 24 from here

Download CSGs 25 to 48 from here

Download CSGs 49 to 72 from here

Download CSGs 73 to 96 from here

Download CSGs 97 to 120 from here

Download CSGs 121 to 144 from here

Download CSGs 145 to 168 from here

Download CSGs 169 to 192 from here

Download CSGs 193 to 216 from here

Download CSGs 217 to 240 from here

Download CSGs 241 to 264 from here

Download CSGs 265 to 288 from here


3D Data Set

1.   Download the full data set (0.5 ms time interval and 0.7 s total recording time) in MatLab format from here.

2.   The 3D data set is resampled to 1 ms sample interval and 300 ms total time. You can download it in DPik format from here, this compressed file contains 12 file, each is a 24 CSGs. OR from here, where all 288 CSGs are in one single file.