Fall 2014 ErSE Seminar Series

Speaker Schedule (Building 9 Auditorium, 4:15 Wednesday)


Tentative Title


Aug. 27 Detecting Faults by Migrating Back-Scattered Surface Waves Sherif Hanafy and Abdullah AlTheyab (KAUST)
Sept. 3 TBA TBA
Sept. 10 3D seismic image processing for interpretation of faults and horizons Dave Hale (SEG Distinguished Lecturer)
Sept. 17 TBA TBA
Sept. 24 TBA TBA
Oct. 1 TBA TBA
Oct. 15 TBA TBA
Oct. 22 TBA TBA
Oct. 29 TBA TBA
Nov. 5 Information Technology and Seismic Data Processing M. Najim (Univ. of Bordeaux) Host: Gera
Nov. 12 Earthscope Ramon Arrowsmith (Director Earthscope) Host: Olaf Zielke
Nov. 19 Active and Passive Seismic Imaging of the Near Surface Aldo Vesnaver (OGS & Abu Dhabi Inst. Pet.) Host: GTS
Nov. 26 TBA TBA
Dec. 3 TBA TBA